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Can Kids learn Quran online easily using Skype?

Learning and understanding Quran is the basic and foremost requisite towards religious enlightenment of every Muslim man and woman. When we start worrying about formal education of our children even before they start talking, it is religious and moral obligation of all Muslim parents to make proper arrangements for their children’s religious education as well. Conventionally, parents had to endure the hassle of either sending their children to mosques and other learning centres. Similarly it had been tough finding eligible teachers who could manage to come and teach Quran to their children at timing suited to them. Contemporary parents clearly have an edge as now parents can make their children Learn Quran Online with utmost precision and accuracy. As our Holy Prophet ﷺ puts it:

The most superior among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach itSahih Al-Bukhari

Is Skype a reliable medium for learning Quran online?making-internet-telephone-call_via_Skype

There is no doubt about the fact that internet calling has completely revolutionized the era of communication. Skype is one of the most widely used and most popular of the internet calling tools that is being used effectively by corporate to educations sector throughout the world to facilitate communications. Virtual conferences, interviews, seminars and debates being supported by Skype is not a novel concept. No doubt, the medium can be effectively implied to impart Quranic teachings with equal efficiency where the learner can engage in both audio and video calling with the instructor. The setup is nothing short of a physical class room.

Who teaches Quran online?go-online-switch-for-online-websites-or-internet

Not many people are aware that like a number of virtual universities operating throughout the world, we have virtual Quran learning centers as well that are effectively engaging massive audience including children and adults who are keen to learn to Quran. Many such centers are well equipped with highly learned scholars who impart Quranic teachings via modern technological tools. There are properly timed courses, subscription guides and often free trials to facilitate those who intend to learn Quran online. Many centers offer a variety of courses for learners of different categories varying in duration and expertise required.

Why online learning is a preferred choice?Learn Quran Kids - best-choice-sticker

Though one can always find a cleric to teach one’s children how to read and recite Quran, it is preferable to make one’s children learn Quran online for many reasons. Firstly, online learning sets you free of the hassle and worries of sending your children out to some learning center and enables them to learn Quran right under your supervision at your home. Secondly, online learning sessions are more organized in terms of courses durations and timings unlike many institutions or private clerics who drag the learning for indefinite lengths of time. Thirdly, online learning centers offer courses catering to your precise needs and you can select the one that suits you best. There are independent courses for those who want to learn Tajweed (pronunciation), for those who want to Hifz (memorize) etcetera. In a nutshell, you can learn everything you want to learn about the Holy book ranging from simple reading and recitation to translation and explanation to memorizing by heart by simply subscribing to a reliable online source right from your home or workplace.

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