1. Understand that the Quran is the
    Allah1_no_honorific-smallword of ALLAH.
  2. Understand the origin of the word.
  3. The reader avoid all other thoughts.
  4. Understand the meaning.
  5. Should be humble.
  6. Feel that the message in the Quran is meant personally for himself or herself.
  7. Read only for the sake of Allah.
  8. Be vigilant of the purity of body, clothes, and place.
  9. One should stop at a verse of warning and seek protection with Allah.
  10. One should stop at a verse of mercy and ask Allah for mercy.
  11. One should have wuḍū

Beautification in Tilawat (تلاوت)

  1. Read Quran slowly, stopping where required and not in a hurry
  2. Read Quran where each letter is read properly and clearly
  3. Read in the accent of how Arabs read
  4. Read by pronouncing letters from the correct makhraj

Things to avoid in Tilawat

  1. Reading as if you singing a song
  2. Stopping in between words
  3. Not pronouncing harakaat fully
  4. Attaching ء hamzah in every letter
  5. Prolonging the harakat and mad more than the limits