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At Learn Quran Kids we believe girls should be taught by female staff.  This is based on our years of experience teaching kids worldwide and the results we have seen. Based on this, we have setup a strong team of dedicated and passionate female Quran teachers. As a result we are better positioned to give your girls the best Quran teaching service.

Female staff count
% hafiz-e-Quran
0 +
% Tajweed Experts

Female Staff Features

Strong team of selected Female Staff

As of 2020, more than 52% of our teaching staff comprise of female Quran teachers. This has hence allowed us to schedule trial classes sooner.

Years of experience

90%+ of our female staff are Hafiz-e-Quran. 70%+ of them are alima. 80% of them having have more than 5 years of online teaching experience. Our female Quran tutors are experts in the subject matter related to Tajweed rules.

Same Quran tutor after the trial class

When we schedule a trial class the same female Quran tutor then teaches you or your kid.

Multilingual Quran teachers

Our female staff can speak English, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi.

Worldwide experience

Our female Quran tutors have international experience as wel. They teach kids in all parts of the world specially USA, UK, Canada, UAE and Australia.

Native arabic speakers

If required, we also provide native Arabic speaking female Quran tutor. Our native arabic speakers are from Jordan or Egypt.

Importance of Female Staff

Little girl reads Quran and smiles

For girls and ladies, female teachers are best because of the following factors:

Female teachers are more patient

Kids are generally impatient. They don't focus at start. They like to have fun hence sitting for 30 minutes becomes very difficult for them. Females have more patience and hence are able to handle better such impatient students.


Girls and ladies feel more comfortable with female teachers. 80% of the parents hence demand a female Quran tutor from us.

Relaxed Environment

There are no hijab related concerns hence girls are more relaxed. They don't feel shy and can take their Quran classes with confidence.

Better communication

Female students communicate better with female teachers. Being the same gender they and understand each other's psyche better as well.

Benefits of online female Quran teachers

Money Back Guarantee

  • No body needs to come to your home nor you need an escort
  • You study from the peaceful and secure environment of your home
  • Schedule with another female Quran teacher if you want to switch
  • If you are a bit sick, you can still take online classes
  • Use the latest technologies to communicate and share the lessons


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