1. ALLAH
  2. Faith
  3. Angels
  4. Books
  5. Messengers
  6. Prophet Muhammad
  7. Pillars of Islam
  8. Prayers
  9. Good Manners
  10. Kindness to parents
  11. Salam
  12. Masjid
  13. Adhan


  • Allah is one
  • Allah is He on Whom all depend
  • He has no mother or father
  • He has no son or daughter
  • He will never die
  • There is nothing like him


  • Who is one?
  • Who has no father?
  • He has no mother?
  • Who will never die?
  • Who is nothing like him?

Allah is the creator

  • Allah has created us
  • Allah created flowers
  • Allah created the sky
  • Allah created the earth
  • Allah created animals
  • Allah created birds
  • Allah created trees
  • Allah created mountains
  • Allah is our master and maker
  • Allah created everything
  • Allah has created everything in this world for us


  • Who created animals?
  • Who created the sun?
  • Who created the moon?
  • Who created the butterfly?
  • Who created the food?
  • Who created water?
  • Who created us?
  • Who created everything?


A muslim has faith in:

  1. Allah
  2. HIS Angels
  3. HIS Holy Books
  4. HIS Messengers
  5. The day of judgment
  6. Divine Destiny


  • A muslim has faith on what?


  • Allah created Angels
  • Angles are ALLAH’s servants
  • They obey him all the time
  • They do as Allah says
  • Angel can see us
  • A muslim believes in the angels even if he cannot see them
  • Names of some angels are:
    • Angel Jibrail (Alaihe Salam)
    • Angel Israfil (Alaihe Salam)
    • Angel Israel (Alaihe Salam)
    • Angel Mikael (Alaihe Salam)


  • Can we see angels?
  • Who created the angels?
  • Name the four angels?


  • Allah sent prophets to teach people
  • They are sent at different times
  • These were Allah’s Messengers
  • Allah gave books to these Messengers
  • He gave Qur’an’ to the Prophet Muhammad ()
  • He gave Injeel to the Prophet Issa (Alaihe Salam)
  • He gave Tawrat to the Prophet Moosa (Alaihe Salam)
  • He gave Zaboor to the Prophet Dawood (Alaihe Salam)


  • Why did Allah send Prophets?
  • How many books did Allah send together?
  • Name the books and to whom these were sent to


  • Quran is our holy books
  • Quran is the last and final book of Allah
  • It was given to the last Prophet Muhammad ()
  • It is written in Arabic
  • They holy Quran has 30 Juz
  • It has 114 Surahs


  • What is the name of our holy book?
  • Which book is the last and the final book of Allah?
  • How many Juz are there in the Quran?

Messengers of Allah

  • The first prophet was Hazrat Adam (Alaihe Salam)
  • The last Prophet was Hazrat Muhammad ()
  • Some other prophets were:
    • Hazrat Isa (Alaihe Salam)
    • Hazrat Dawood (Alaihe Salam)
    • Hazrat Musa (Alaihe Salam)
    • Hazrat Ibrahim (Alaihe Salam)
    • Hazrat Nuh (Alaihe Salam)
    • Hazrat Haroon (Alaihe Salam)
    • Hazrat Yusuf (Alaihe Salam)
    • Hazrat Yaqoob (Alaihe Salam)


  • What is the name of the first prophet?
  • What is the name of the last prophet?
  • Tell names of 5 prophets

Prophet Muhammad ()

  • Prophet Muhammad () was born in Makkah
  • Prophet Muhammad () mother’s name was Aminah
  • Prophet Muhammad () father’s name was Abdullah
  • Prophet Muhammad () grand father name was Abdul Muttalib


  • What was Prophet Muhammad () grand father’s name?
  • What was Prophet Muhammad () father’s name?
  • What was Prophet Muhammad () mother’s name?
  • Where was  Prophet Muhammad () born?

The 5 Pillars of Islam

  • Islam is based on 5 pillas. These are: Tawheed, Salah, Zakah, Sawm and Hajj
  • Tawheed: Believe in One Allah
  • Salah: Prayer
  • Zakah: Annual Charity to the poor
  • Sawm: Fasting
  • Hajj: Pilgrimage


  • Name the 5 pillas of Islam?


  • The second pillar of islam is Salah
  • Every muslim must pray 5 times a day
  • These prayers are:
    • Fajr: Before sunrise
    • Zuhr: In the afternoon
    • Asr: In the late afternoon
    • Maghrib: After sunset
    • Isha: At night


  • The second pillar of Islam is?
  • How many times a muslim prays?
  • Tell the names of 5 prayers?

Good Manners

  • Allah is pleased with us when we practice good manners
  • Always use right hand for:
    • Taking or accept things
    • For eating and drinking
    • For shaking hands
  • Always wash your hand properly before eating
  • Say bismillah (بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ) before eating or drinking
  • Say Al-Hamdu Lillah (الحَمْد لله) after eating or drinking
  • Always speak the truth
  • Obey your parents


  • Which hand is used to drink, eat or shake hands?
  • What is washed before eating?
  • What to say before eating or drinking?
  • What to say after eating or drinking?
  • Should we always speak truth?
  • Should we obey our parents?

Islamic Greeting – Salam

السَّلآمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ الله وبَرَكآتُه

  • Salam is a muslim greeting
  • We say Asalaam O Alaikum Warehmatullahe Wabarakatuhu
  • And answer is Walaikum Asalaam Warehmatullahe Wabarakatuhu
  • Young ones should say salam to their elders
  • Salam makes people love and respect each other
  • It is also good to shake hands


  • What to say when you meet some one?
  • What to say when some one says Asalaam O Alaikum?
  • What makes people love and respect?

Kindness to parents

  • Islam teaches us to respect and love our parents
  • Our parents brought us up with love and care
  • They protect us from harm
  • They give us what we need
  • In return we must love, respect and obey our parents
  • In the Qur’an Allah tells us to obey our parents
  • We must never answer them back or be rude to them
  • We must always speak softly with them


  • Who gives us what we need?
  • Who protects us from harm?
  • How should we speak with our parents?
  • Who should we obey?


  • Masjid is a place where muslims go for prayer
  • Masjid should be kept clean
  • We should not shout in masjid
  • Names of famous masjids are:
    • Masjid ul Haram
    • Masjid-e Nabvi


  • Adhan is a call for Prayer
  • Muadhin calls out the Adhan 5 times a day
  • After hearing the Adhan Muslim make wudhu and go out for salah


  • What is masjid?
  • Who calls out the Adhan

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