Here are some of the islamic indoor games which you can guide your kids to play which can also help them in their islamic learning.

Game 1 - Sit, Stand

How many kids can play: 2 or more
Duration: 10-15 mins
Age-Level: 5+
What is learnt: Learn to Obey elders, strengths kid body, practice to praise ALLAH
– Kids would sit or stand when certain islamic words are said

– The words used are: Subhanallah, Allah-o-Akbar Bismillah and Alhamdolillah
– A Kid is out if he does opposite of what word is said
– The game continues till there is only one kid left and that kid is the winner
– A purpose of this game is also get kids memorize some basic praise of ALLAH therefore speak gently

Basic Level

Kids sit on: Subhanallah
Kids stand on: Allah-o-Akbar

Advanced Level

Kids sit on: Subhanallah OR Alhamdolillah
Kids stand on: Allah-o-Akbar, Bismillah

Game 2 - Who sits on the Chair

How many kids can play: 2 or more
10-15 mins

Age-Level: 5+
What is learnt:
Sharing, Patience(Sabr), Obeying elders
– This game is played where kids go round few chairs while your read Qur’an

– Once you stop reading Qur’an, kids will try to sit on the chairs as quickly as they can
– Any one who can’t find a chair find some one who is willing to share his or her chair
– The number of chairs should be one less than the number of kids e.g if 5 kids are playing then have 4 chairs
– Keep on playing till every one is sharing his or her chair

What can be read: Any portion of Qur’an

Game 3 - Question & Answer

How many kids can play: 2 or more
10-15 mins

Age-Level: 5+
What is learnt: To gain Islamic knowledge
– This game is a question answer game
– First prepare a set of 10, 20 Islamic questions
– Ask them one by one to the group of kids
– The kid who answers the first get 10 points
– Keep on playing till all questions are asked
– The one who gets the maximum points is the winner
– Try with basic questions first and then more difficult ones later on as kids get older

Game 4 - Tidy up the room

How many kids can play: 2 or more
10-15 mins

Age-Level: 5+
What is learnt: Obeying elders, Neatness
– Kids always make room untidy
– Now you can get them to tidy it up
– When you start, kids need to find some thing in the room which is not placed correctly
– Once they place it at the right place then they get 10 points e.g. put a toy in the toy basket
– Keep announcing the points to the kids as they perform
– Do help the kid identify the misplaced pillow or the toy and the kid will simply pick it up and place it
– Once the room is fixed then announce the game is over
– Congratulate all the participants and announce the points
– Mention that all kids are winner but mention the points they got

Game 5 - Recitation of Quran

How many kids can play: 1 or more
10-30 mins

Age-Level: 5+
What is learnt: Correcting mistakes in Quran reading, Improves Tajweed

– This game helps kids to read Quran and get them to fix any tajweed related mistakes
– First identify a Surah to be read and tell all of the kids
– Each kid will stand up and then read that surah
– Identify mistakes only when a kid has read the whole surah and not in between
– If a kid forgets, help him by mentioning what should have been said
– Identify politely without scolding the kid – after all they are kids
– Encourage each kid once they have finished reading
– Once read, get other kids to read the same surah on their turn
– Keep playing by changing surah
– Start with small surahs for young kids and bigger for older ones
– Small Surahas: Al-nas, Al-Falaq, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Nasr, Al-Kafiroon, Al-Kausar etc.

Here are some of the basic Islamic indoor games, if you think of any more game which you would like to continue then do write to us and we will post the game here and will also give you credit.

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