Rumūz al-awqāf رموز الاوقاف (Stop signs)

Stop signs (rumūz al-awqāf) are symbols used in Quran to guide when to stop and when not to. The importance of this can be understood in the following example:
In English if some one says:

  • ‘Let us eat, baba’. You are telling your father to eat together
  • ‘Let us eat baba’. You are saying to eat baba – yikes!


  • Maryam finds inspiration in cooking, her family and her cat
  • Maryam finds inspiration in cooking her family and her cat – Looks like Maryam is cooking her cat

Just like comma is guiding where to stop, similarly the rumūz al-awqāf guides in Quran so that the meanings don’t change. Some of these are:

  1. مـ compulsory stop.
  2. قلي stopping advised.
  3. ج stop permitted if desired.
  4. صلي stopping not advised.
  5. لا do not stop.

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