Maddah letters (حُرُوف مدة)

These are: alif (ا), yāʼ(ي) or wāw(و)

  1. If there is fathah before alif letter then it is called alif-maddah
  2. If there is dammah before wāw sakin then it is called as wāw-maddah
  3. If there is kasrah before yā then it is called yā-maddah.

In all of the above cases, these letters are pronounced as one alif. e.g.

بَا  vs بَ

بِى  vs بِ

بُوْا  vs بُ

The above just some basic concepts of tajweed and as you can see that these are not difficult to understand. With some practice these are easily memorized.

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