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Learn Quran Kids is an online Quran learning institute providing Quran classes for kids & adults. Our Quran tutoring services is mainly focused towards Kids. We also provide Quran classes for adults and beginners for both ladies and gents. We have a team of reliable, kids loving and expert Quran tutors (both male and female). We make learning Quran hassle free and super easy way. Insha-Allah with us, your Kids will learn Quran fairly quickly!

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Learn Quran Kids have been providing Quran courses for Kids since 2014. Our learn Quran courses primarily focuses on teaching Tajweed in a cost effective & efficient manner.

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Courses we Offer

Quran Reading With Tajweed

Quran Reading With Tajweed course
  • Age 5+
  • Learn Noorani Qaida & Quran reading
  • Learn basics of tajweed
  • Learn basic Islamic knowledge
  • Memorize Surah, Islamic dua, Hadith 

Quran Translation in English

Quran Translation in English course
  • Age 8+
  • Learn translation of Quran
  • Build Arabic Vocabulary
  • Learn meanings of Arabic text
  • Learn benefits of a surah 

Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization - Hifz course
  • Age 7+
  • Class days: 5-6 days per week
  • Course duration: 2 to 3 years
  • Pre-requisite: Quran reading with Tajweed

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Why Learn Quran Kids?

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Reading, Memorization & More

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Multilingual Trained Quran Tutors

Classes in English, Arabic & Urdu

Privacy Focused

3, 5, 6 days per week plans

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Benefits of Learning Quran

Quran is word of Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad ().  It is very important for Muslims to learn how to read Quran and understand to succeed in both worlds.Our beloved last Prophet () said:  

اقرءوا القرآن فإنه يأتي يوم القيامة شفيعًا لأصحاب

Read the Quran, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection” (Al-Muslim)

يركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه‏

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it”   (Al-Bukhari)

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Who can take online Quran classes?

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Our online Quran courses are designed for kids of any age. Teaching Quran for beginners (kids of age 4 or less) can be daunting. It is recommended that parents teach small kids them selves. Having said, Our Online Quran tutors have taught hundreds of children and know how to manage them. See our article on how to avoid top 5 issues during online Quran classes for kids.

How can I start learning Quran online?

Learn Quran Kids - Online Quran on computer
In just 7 simple steps, find out How online Quran classes works.

How long it takes to Learn Quran Online with Tajweed?

Learning Quran online can be fast or slow depending upon many contributing factors. These includes:

  • Number of classes taken
  • Class duration
  • Kid’s and parent’s interest
  • Course contents
  • Tutor’s commitment

Normally your kid should be able to start reading Quran in 3-4 months.  To know more, read our blog on the best and worst duration for the course completion.


Online Quran Classes with Tajweed

Online Quran Classes at Learn Quran Kids revolves around the core concept of Tajweed (تجويد). Tajweed means “to make well, make better, improve”. This defines the rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Quran. Reading Quran with Tajweed avoids major mistakes. Find out some basic tajweed rules to guide you on the Quran tajweed concepts.

Basics of Tajweed

Why Quran for Kids & teenage children?


Quran for Kids is important because when teenage children grow old, learning tajweed or memorizing Quran becomes difficult. To know more, read our blog on importance of Quran for Kids below:

Discounted Online Quran classes for elders

Learn Quran Kids 50 percent off

It is heartening to see majority of our elders struggle to read Quran properly. This is only because they didn’t read Quran with proper Tajweed. Learn Quran Kids is now offering 50% discount on the ‘Gold Subscription’ to elders & old citizen of age 50+.