Here are some of many satisfied parents talking about our online Quran service.

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Adil Amad

Learn Quran Kids understands the requirements of kids who want to learn the Quran online. We got the best tutor for our son. He was kind and taught our son with love and care.

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Kashif Ahmed

The team was very helpful, they worked professionally to find me a suitable teacher based on my requirements for my children. The teachers are proper teachers. They can be strict, they can be accommodating, but the main thing is they are professional teachers, with structure to their learning. The communication is EXCELLENT and the teachers know how to make your children learn and work.

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Masha Allah, this is an excellent service I have received from learn Quran kids. The teacher was quite cooperative and was able to keep up the interest of my daughter to continue learning. May Allah bless the teachers and whoever is working for this facility. Also easy accessibility on Skype and easy payment options are other best part of the organization. JazakAllahuKhair.

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The best thing I like about Learn Quran was the efficient & professional behaviour of the whole staff. Alhamdulillah!! I would recommend it to all those parents who are concerned about their children learning Quran in the most relaxed and comfortable manner without compromising their busy schedules.

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Mr Noman Ahmed

We found Learn Quran Kids and were immediately impressed by the patience and knowledge of the Quran teacher teaching our daughter. My daughter was reading the Qaida, but in one month she has began the Quran, MashaAllah! She is also reading with proper pronunciation and Arabic grammar. Alhamdolillah this has been an excellent experience.

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Mr Yusuf

During the trial lesson, I was very impressed with the qariyah. They are, masha allah, very patient and willing to adapt their speed of teaching according to my children. Also as I have 3 children, thePricing is very affordable.  The best thing is that this their service saves my kids time. My wife is able to monitor their progress and teach them accordingly.

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Mrs Fatima

Learn Quran Kids’ has been teaching Quran to my son and daughters. Their teacher has the capacity to handle those children also who have lesser zeal of Quranic studies. On the whole I can Guarantee that they have one of the best available Qari in the town while maintaining timing and keeping patience with naughty kids.

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Mrs A Khan

I am very satisfied with learn Quran kids lessons, Teacher is masha Allah very humble and very knowledgeable in reciting and tajweed. Learn Quran teacher says that child should learn properly and always give extra time if a child is in the middle of some work. Alhamdulilah my children love the lessons and now learning very fast. Jazakkalah kher for your efforts

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Abrar Ahmed

MashaAllah The classes are going good for my Kids. They are learning Quran with Tajweed.

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Abdul Kabeer

Alhmdulilla. This is good. The teacher is good, trained to take classes.


Abdul Qadeer

I have a very nice experience over the last year where my daughter gets Quran lesson by a teacher. Good Quran teachers (with a proper Arabic accent) are scarce and this service fills that void in a child friendly and safe environment.


Abdul Careem

Great job. May Allah bless you

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