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In most Arabic fonts, when Kasra is combined with Shadda, Kasra is displayed above the base line, just below the Shadda. This might cause it to be mistaken by Fatha. e.g:


Above there is a Shadda+Kasra above Reh. Also there is a Shadda+Fatha above Yeh. Distinguishing difference is:

  • In the combination of Shadda+Fatha, Fatha is put above Shadda
  • In Shadda+Kasra, Kasra is below Shadda.
  • The same issue applies to the combination of Kasratan (tanween) + Shadda.


Use an advanced Arabic font, like me_quran.

This displays Kasra below the base line even if it is combined with a Shadda.

Once the font is installed, select it from the left panel i.e.

Quran Font Selection