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Quran for kids – What are my kid’s Quran learning options?

Every parent wants their kids to read Quran as proficiently as the top Qari’s like Mishary Rashid Alafasy or Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais. Desires can’t be fulfilled unless some effort is put. We don’t expect our kids to speak very good English without practising for months and years. Similarly we shouldn’t expect in case of our kids reading Quran. Mastering any language takes some time. Just like any other knowledge, a teacher is required to teach Quran for kids. In this blog we touch upon what as a parent you have the options regarding Quran learning.

Option 1 – Self teaching Quran for kids – Not disciplined!

Self teaching is great way to teach Quran for kids but ask your self the following before trying this route:

1 – Are you disciplined and can teach daily at a set time? If you are not then you will probably waste more time of your kid. As a working husband/wife it would be a lot more difficult to find the time

2 – Do you know all the basics of tajweed? If you haven’t attended a Quran class for ages it means you will not a good job teaching your kids

Option 2 – Learning Quran for kids from a madrassah – Slow process!

Taking the kid to a near by madrassah is some thing you can easily opt for. Watch out for the following points before making this decision:

1 – Are the madrassah going to give your kid a 1-1 session? Chances are that they the-watches-vector_zJcj-gP_won’t because there is generally a group of pupils studying at the same time. The teachers in madrassah hence do a round robin on the pupils. This means less focus on your kid which you should avoid for at least for kids who are just starting. In short you might not get the quick results you are expecting

2 – Is the madrassah near by? If it’s far away then do take into account the time it takes to drop your kid and pick the kid back

3 – Looking for a female madrassah? If you have elder girls then finding a female managed madrassah would be a challenge on its own

Option 3 – Getting a Quran tutor for Quran learning – Expensive!

Getting a Qari to come to your home cuts out all of the hassles involved in getting your children to madrassah. Good thing about this is that you get a good ttargeted education. Nevertheless there are few points you must ensure:

1 – Can you afford? Madrassah might be free while the Qari might take from 100$ to 200$ per month for coming 5 days a week. For two of your kids you might be paying around 200$ to 300$

2 – Considered Environmental factors? If you live in an area where there is frequent rainfall or snow then you might experience regular holidays of the Quran tutor. This breaks the momentum of the leaning Quran for children

3 – Is the Quran teacher trust worthy? Getting the trust could be hard right away special if you don’t know the teacher’s background. If you didn’t like the teacher, you have to start the search from scratch

Option 4 – Getting Qariyah to come home to teach – Rare & Expensive!

If you have elder girls then most probably you won’t find a Qsweet-home-vector_zyEA1lPuariyah who can come to your home. Female Quran teachers are a rare breed. Most of them either teach at an Islamic school or a Madrassah. While they them selves might have children, they won’t be able to find time to come and teach your kid unless they live in your neighbourhood. Even if you have some one near by, for them to leave their kids and come to you home to teach Quran for kids is very difficult. This is the most difficult option to manage.

Option 5 – Online teaching of Quran for kids – Discplined, Secure, Cheap

All the hassles of getting your kid to madrassah or finLear Quran Kids - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteedding a female Quran tutor simply go away in an online session of Quran for kids. Online Quran reading for kids simplifies your child’s Quran learning from an online Quran school. Quran classes online for your child makes it secure, efficient, disciplined and cheap.
Following are some of the benefits.

1 – You just need an computer & an internet

2 – Provides 1-1 session resulting in good solid Quran education to your children

3 – No hassle of taking your kid to the madrassah, saving time and petrol

4 –No security concerns as no teacher comes to you home

5 – No class misses any more as the teacher manages the classes from his/her home

6 – If a class is missed for any reason, simply schedule the class on some other day

7 – Finding the right Female Quran teacher (Qariyah) is easy as well as they can now easily teach from their homes while managing their own kids

8 – A good online Quran school should not charge more than 70-80$ for 5 days

9 – If you don’t like the Quran instructor for any reason, simply get another one by requesting the online Quran institute you have enrolled to

10 – Get 3 days free trial so you can try a couple and then choose the one you feel the best

11 – Avoids any environmental reasons for class missing

As you can see an online Quran school removes a lot of hurdles you might face elsewhere. If you are convinced then the only remaining challenge is to find the right one. To tackle this challenge, check out our blog Question you should be asking to find the best online Quran school.

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