The Best Bedtime Quran Stories For Kids - Part 1

The Best Bedtime Quran Stories For Kids

One of the profound ways of teaching kids is via stories. With stories kids quickly understand and relate it’s moral. As a parent we teach all sort of stories to our children like lion and the mouse, kid and the wolf, man and his donkey, wood cutter and his axe etc.

Best Bedtime Quran Stories

These are stories with good moral nevertheless there are some real true stories which can have more lasting effect on your kids in this world and here after.

These are the stories of our beloved Prophets, taught by the almighty Allah in his glorified Quran. Here we present part 1 of some of these stories with their morals. We hope parent will read these and tell to their kids. Let us know if you want us to cover more of such stories.

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How Hazrat Adam and Mother Hawwa came to earth

beautiful earthHazrat Adam عليه السلام was the first human and Prophet of Islam. As per the Quran, when Allah decided to place his successor on earth he decreed the angels to gather soil of different colors. He then created Hazrat Adam عليه السلام from this diverse soil. When he was created, Allah placed soul in his body and said, “be and he was (created as a human)”.

When Allah created Adam عليه السلام, he ordered the angels to prostrate to Adam. Everyone prostrated to Adam except Iblees (Satan). As one being raised in ranks, Satan deemed himself greater than Adam. His disobedience was the result of pride and a sense of superiority. Adam was gifted with the knowledge included knowing the names, features, and uses of all existing things.

This knowledge prepared him for his upcoming role on earth. This incident created enmity in Satan against Adam. Later mother Hawwa was created to accompany Adam as his companion and life partner.

Hazrat Adam and Hawwa Tested in the Heaven

After their creation, Adam and Hawwa were given a place in heaven. They were instructed to live together in tranquility and were free to eat and enjoy everything except one tree. This prohibition set the stage for the test of Human obedience to Allah.

Satan tempted Adam and Hawwa by planting in their minds the ideas that made the forbidden tree appealing. Forgetting the warning, Adam and Hawwa gave in and ate something from that tree and erred. After eating from the tree they became ashamed and deeply regretted. After which they sincerely acknowledged the mistake and prayed for Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. In result, Allah forgave them with his mercy and provided guidance.

When Adam And Hawwa Sent To earth

Regardless of being forgiven, Adam and Hawwa were no longer permitted to enjoy the comfort of Heaven, and were sent to Earth. It should be noted here that Allah had decided Adam’s mission on Earth long before this test.

So Adam and Hawwa life on earth must not be viewed as punishment, instead it was one of Allah’s Plans. The Quran describes the Earth to Adam and Hawwa; a place in which to reside and enjoy for a period of time, until the day they die and are resurrected.

Moral Lessons

From the story of Adam and Hawwa we have learn the following lessons;

  • Allah can create everything from nothing and in no time
  • Pride and Arrogance is the main reason to loss and destruction
  • Sincerely Acknowledging Errors will get the Allah’s mercy and forgiveness
  • We must aware of devil’s deception and the consequences of a sin


Story of Prophet Nuh عليه السلام

wrecked shipAllah appointed Prophet Nuh عليه السلام as the messenger to his people for conveying the message of Allah. Quran tells us the story of Prophet Nuh عليه السلام and his people in several chapters. 

The rulers of that time, fearing they would lose their power and authority over the people, did not accept what Nuh عليه السلام was preaching. They continued obstructing Nuh’s mission by spreading doubts about him saying he is just a common man like us (not messenger) who wants to be superior over you.

If Allah wanted to send a message then he could have sent angels down to earth.

Regardless of their derogatory remarks, Prophet Nuh عليه السلام continued his divine mission. He preached to his people in a very polite manner. He also warned them of the strong persecution from Allah if they continued to worship the false Allah’s (idols). Assuring them he has no greed of wealth or power, but only wants reward from Allah the alone almighty.

Prophet Nuh Pray to Allah

All the warnings and counsels of Prophet Nuh عليه السلام seemed to fall on deaf ears. Except very few of them who had followed his guidance. Prophet Nuh عليه السلام re-doubled his efforts but all went in vain. He hopelessly said;

He cried, My Lord! I have surely called my people day and night, but my calls only made them run farther away. And whenever I invite them to be forgiven by You, they press their fingers into their ears, cover themselves with their clothes, persist ˹in denial˺, and act very arrogantly. Then I certainly called them openly, then I surely preached to them publicly and privatelyQuran: Surah Nuh [71:5-9]

Nuh Ark and Flood Drowning The Unbelievers

Due to obstinate refusal to accept Nuh’s message and continuously mocking his Messenger, Allah decided to bring down His punishment in the form of a devastating flood upon disbelievers. As commanded by Allah, Prophet Nuh was then set upon the task of building the Ark with the help of a small group of believers.

The Ark seemed to amuse the rulers and the disbelievers. They did not realize the seriousness of the warning but only laughed and taunted whenever they passed by him.

When the Ark was constructed, Prophet Nuh took with him the family members (Except his son), the believers and a pair of every creature. Now Allah’s warning of floods to the people came to pass. The heavy rainfall with strong winds, the deafening thunder and the blinding lightning confused their minds and feared their hearts.

They ran pell-mell, climbed the roof-tops and the trees to search for safety but nothing could save them now as the water arose higher and higher. Believers who had suffered from the hands of the disbelieving chiefs found themselves safe in Nuh’s Ark. They offered their prayers and prostration of thanksgiving to Almighty Allah for the mercy He had bestowed upon them. 

Among the unbelievers, there was Prophet Nuh’s own son. He was desperately trying to save himself from the flood. Nuh’s Ark was sailing all aboard safely. When the Prophet saw his son he called out to him to embark with them and be not among the unbelievers. He denied saying that he will find a safe point somewhere on a mountain. But the waves came between them and the son was among the drowned ones. The disbelievers who had ignored Allah’s commands were in a dreadful state.

When all unbelievers were drowned in the flood, Allah commanded the earth to swallow the water. Afterwards, the ark rested safely on Mount Judi along with Nuh عليه السلام and the believers.

Moral Lessons

  • No matter what, be obedient to Allah & his messenger
  • Punishment will be sent if you disobey Allah’s commands
  • Don’t make fun of messengers
  • Ask for Allah forgiveness and mercy on sins
  • Always look for Allah’s guidance


Description by: Tafseer e Qurtubi, Maarif-ul-Quran

How Prophet Musa got Bani Israel to be free from Pharaoh

historical pharoh pyramidsStory of the Prophet Musa عليه السلام is mentioned several times in different chapters of the Quran. Musa is loved and respected because He was the Prophet and Messenger too. Prophet Musa عليه السلام was sent to the people of Israel to make them worship Allah instead of following the tyrant of the time, pharaoh (Firon). Allah sent down the guidance in the form of Torah to the people of Israel. Torah is regarded as the most holy scripture in judaism. 

Musa’s عليه السلام Early Life

Pharaoh was warned a short time before Prophet Musa’s عليه السلام birth that a son from the bani Israel would shortly be born and that Pharaoh’s kingdom would be destroyed at his hands.

When the ruthless king heard this, he ordered his men to slaughter every male child born to the bani Israel. With Allah’s guidance, Musa’s عليه السلام mother had devised a strategy for him. She pulled Musa عليه السلام, deposited him in the basket and threw it in the Nile River outside her house. The basket in which Prophet Musa عليه السلام was placed sailed towards the palace of Pharaoh, where his soldiers took it out and brought the baby to him.

He intended to murder it right away since he suspected it was a bani Israel kid, but his wife Aasiya, a pious lady, stopped him. They didn’t have any children, so she requested him to adopt him as a child. In this way Allah saved Musa from the evilness of pharaoh and He miraculously grew up in Pharaoh’s palace.

One day Prophet Musa عليه السلام came upon two men fighting each other. One was Israeli and his opponent  was Egyptian. The man from bani Israel asked for Musa’s help. Musa عليه السلام struck the other man, killing him by mistake. A random person warned him that people were after his life so he should depart this city. Thus, Musa left. 

Eventually he arrived at a place called Madyan in an exhausted state. There, he saw two women watering their flock. Where Musa helped them. One of the two women took Musa to meet their elderly father Prophet Shoaib عليه السلام, where he expressed the desire to marry one of his two daughters. In return he ought to be his servant for 8 or 10 years.

Allah Gifted Musa Apostleship

Upon completing the required time working for his father-in-law, Musa decided to go back to Egypt along with his family. During this journey, Musa spotted a fire-light near Mount Tur. He told his family to stay where they are, as he went to investigate. Upon His arrival at the fire, there was no fire except a green tree and a light.

There, Allah spoke to Musa for the first time directly and told him,“O Musa, I am your Lord!”. Then asked Musa to throw his stick onto the ground. At once it was changed into a snake, which scared him. But afterwards Allah commanded to lift it without any fear. As Musa did so and it changed back into a stick. Here Allah awarded Musa the title of messenger. Allah provided Musa with two miracles: 

  1. His stick turning into a snake
  2. His hand became white and shone brightly

Musa - Preaching Of Tawheed (Oneness)

Allah told Musa that Pharaoh had gone astray and you had to approach him to advise for his good. Musa then went to Pharaoh and preached to him saying “there is no God to be worshiped except the one (Allah)”. Pharaoh was impertinent to accept the advice of Musa and began to mock him. Musa threw his stick down onto the ground and it turned into a snake. Relating this to a regular magic trick, Pharaoh set down a contest between Musa عليه السلام and Egyptian magicians.

On the day of the contest, magicians confidently threw their ropes which turned into snake-likes but when Musa threw his stick it gobbled up all of them. Then the magicians splendidly prostrated to Allah saying, we believe in your faith Musa. This is how truth prevailed and falsehood was defeated. As a result, Pharaoh got angry and insolence towards Musa and his Allah.

As a reaction, Pharaoh increased the persecution of Bani Israel by intensely torturing and oppressing them. Later Pharaoh wanted to kill Musa as he feared him changing the religion of his people and his unending ruling of tyranny. Allah directed Musa to tell Pharaoh to free Bani Israel otherwise wait for a grave punishment. The obstinate ruler refused saying that Musa was not more than a slave.

Destruction of Pharaoh and His Army

After all the struggle and preaching of Musa gone futile, it was decided by Allah that Bani Israel should leave Egypt to gain their freedom. Musa and his believers left Egypt for Palestine while being chased by Pharaoh’s army. Meanwhile there came the Red sea where with Allah’s order Musa threw his stick, the sea parted making a way and Allah made the way for Bani Israel to escape.

In a while the sea returned to its original form when bani israel passed it, perishing the Pharaoh and his army. Drowning and overwhelmed Pharaoh expressed his faith in the one true Allah and said he was a believer. But it was too late for him to embrace the truth. Thus Pharaoh and all his people fade away in minutes under the waves of the sea.

Moral Lessons

  • Always accept the truth before it’s too late 
  • Seek guidance from Allah
  • Always rely on Allah
  • Remain steadfast under the trial of Allah
  • Show gratitude to Allah


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Story of Ashab-e-Kahaf

caveAshab e Kahf (People of the cave) is the story of a small group of young men. The Quran discussed the Whole incident in Surah Al-Kahf. 

The story began during a Roman king’s ruling. At that time the king arranged the annual worship of idols with special preparations. This worship was considered as the holiest event in society and people used to wear colorful clothes.

There was a group of young men who believed in the oneness of Allah, following the teaching of Hazrat Isa عليه السلام. They always tried to convince the society to believe in oneness of Allah Almighty and refused to participate in idol-worshiping. When the king came to know about all this, he ordered to kill them.

How did Allah Save Ashab-e-Kahf?

To seek safety, these young mean left that city and embarked upon a journey. They finally reached a cave where they decided to take some rest. There was a dog along with them too who stood at the entrance of that cave just like a guard. In the cave, they pray to Allah for their savior from the king and death. Allah Almighty listened to their prayers and accepted their grievances. The group of young believers hence slept for 300 years in that cave.

When they woke up, they did not believe that their 300 years had passed by sleeping. They sent one of the members of their group to buy food from the bazaar. He paid the amount for food by giving the shopkeeper some coins. The shopkeeper was stunned to see such an old coin. At that point they realized they had been asleep for hundreds of years. Later on, when their fame reached the king of that time he impressed and seek them to embrace Islam. As a tribute to their truthfulness, Allah mentioned their story in the Quran.

Where are Ashab-e-Kahf Buried?

The graves of these seven young believers were made in that cave. Few believe that this cave is located in Turkey where people used to visit to renew a religious memory and recite Fatiha. At the top of the cave there is also a masjid where now Muslims offer their prayers. 

Moral Lessons

  • Passion to protect Imaan
  • Pray to seek Allah’s Shelter
  • Migrate for the good
  • Preach the divine message to disbelievers


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