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Why launch ‘Learn Quran Kids’?

‘Learn Quran Kids’ is yet another online Quran training school. Our aim is to train any one, any where and of any age the correct way of reading Quran which is called as Tajweed.


 Another Online Quran Learning School?

Well its a fair question. You might be thinking that there must be already many quality online Quran education services operating then why another one.  If you Google the word ‘Learn Quran‘ you will get a long list of Quran training schools. Some charging high and some low. Some focusing on a lot of courses and some only on few courses only. So you can say that they come in all sizes and colors.

Top Two Reasons

The two primary reasons for Learn Quran Kids to originate were:

Reason#1: Low quality of Quran Training Schools

Reason#2: To spread the knowledge of  Tajweed


Reason #1: Low Quality of Online Quran Schools

 Some of these are:

Fault# 1: Teachers were instructed not to point out mistakes
Students are not prompted when they made mistakes; This is done to ensure that the student remains in a very relax mood and hence keeps on studying at a fast pace.

Fault# 2: Teacher Switching
Teacher of one student gets changed frequently hence the tempo of student breaks. One teacher takes the trial but once the trial is over some other teacher takes over.

Fault# 3: The teachers are heavily monitored
Teachers are not allowed to talk to the student in a relaxed fashion. This created a very robotic and strict environment.

Fault# 4: Schools charges same rates to all
Same fee is incurred to people who can afford or to those who don’t. This creates a sense of money making.

All of the above was imposed by the management and was creating a lot of problems to the parents.


Reason #2: Spreading the knowledge of Tajweed

There is no rocket science to find out that we are generally poor in this. If you can’t answer some of these questions then you indeed don’t know some of the basics.

– What is Makharaj and how many these are?

– What is the Makharaj of ع ح غ خ ?

– How the sound is produced in Qalqalah?

– What is the difference between the sound of ث & س?

– How to pronounce ق & ك?

– What errors in translation could occur if one don’t follow the rumūz al-awqāf ?

Human Makharij




 We all live in some what illusion that our Quranic recitation (qirat) has no issues or at least perfect in reading Surah Al-Fateha.


Learn Tajweed by Examples 

You Know Tajweed? Try our 5 mins Tajweed Quiz

Living in a false illusion

Every one has some sort of a feeling that they are good at Tajweed. Why this illusion? Following are few reasons:

– We have heard different Qaris at different times.

– We kind of know how a letter is pronounced.

– We all must have got formal training many many years ago.

– We read Quran in our namaz/prayer so feel OK about it.

The above give us a sense of relieve but when we ask some questions about the basic we are blank.

Recovering can be quick with some effort. We will try to cover how in our future blogs.

Lack of Quality in existing Quran schools & Less knowledge of Tajweed gave birth to ‘Learn Quran Kids. May Allah give us the strength to remain at the right path.


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