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How to Incorporate Quran’s Teaching in kids

In this Techy World, the trend of learning online is getting hype day by day and what else can be more important than the erudition of Holy book Quran. Quran learning is inevitable for the Muslims but one cannot deny its importance for the whole mankind as it is revealed as the final guidance upon the universal Prophet Muhammad () with the universal mission.

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Quran Learning made easy for kids

Kids are not initially known or exposed to the significance of Quran, it solely rests upon Muslim parents/guardians to incline their interest towards Quran and carve an easy way of learning for them. Forceful learning of Quran might not be the better option at an early stage of childhood. Therefore, it is imperious that kids grasp the knowledge of Quran with complete interest and devotion.

Some practices are suggested below to opt for an attractive and easy Quran Learning way

1. Learning through observance

Your child will learn what he will observe, it is the simple formula to teach your child. A child reflects to the habits of his parents. Beings parents, you should first have to be punctual on reading Quran yourself.

This will automatically motivate your child to explore Quran or at-least he will notice you and then later on will start following you without you being greatly stressed out in struggling your child to sit for Quran reading and learning.

2. Through Diversity

The second thing that can prompt the interest of kids in Quran education is variety. The variety comes in the ways of engaging children in learning Quran. For instance, mother can make the child sit with her and read Quran, then demonstrate him to recite the same verses with tajweed and after few days may ask the child to learn off a particular verse and try to retain in memory. This can keep the child intact with the divine book of Holy Quran and thus make his routine.

3. Observing Regularity

Significance holds in keeping check on regularity and being consistent. In initial stages of learning Quran, it is important that kids bring in punctuality among them. Again its parent’s duty to monitor their kids if they are evenly spending time in gaining Quran knowledge or not because in this process, ignorance has no place to prevail. To maintain the pace of learning, parents may offer little gifts to children after memorization of 5 verses or after completing the recitation of every single chapter of Quran. This will encourage little kids to learn and read more and more.

4. Online Learning via Apps

In today’s era of technology, online learning is already taking up the boost. Parents can take advantage of it and get some of the best Quranic applications skype downloaded and thus make Quran learning catchier and more interesting. Kids quickly gets attracted towards using gadgets and likes to be techy so they will be amused to use and understand Quran online. This will greatly aid parents to introduce Quran in the lives of their kids.

5. Learning via Websites

Nowadays there are many websites available from where kids can learn Quran online. This is a quick and easy way for learning Quran specially in the countries where Quran teachers are not easily available. Hence its becoming one of the most reliable way to learn Quran.