You are currently viewing Gift Your Child the Gift of Quran this Ramadan: 35% Off Personalized Online Classes!

Gift Your Child the Gift of Quran this Ramadan: 35% Off Personalized Online Classes!

Is your heart yearning for your child to connect with the Quran, understand its beautiful verses, and recite them with proper Tajweed? Look no further! This Ramadan, we’re offering a special 35% discount on all our online Quran classes for kids aged 5 and above, making this the perfect time to embark on a rewarding journey of learning.

35% Discount - All Plans!

Here's what makes our online Quran classes unique

  • Focus on Tajweed: All our courses, from Quran Reading to Translation and Memorization (Hifz), emphasize proper Tajweed rules, ensuring your child recites the Quran beautifully and accurately.
  • One-on-One Learning: Each child receives personalized attention from proficient Quran tutors, male or female, based on your preference. This ensures their individual needs and learning pace are met.
  • Family Discounts: Looking to learn together? Get an additional discount when you enroll 2 or more members, making it even more affordable to nurture your family’s connection with the Quran.
  • Global Reach: We conduct Quran classes worldwide, regardless of your location. So, wherever you are, your child can access high-quality Quran education.
  • Native Language Instruction: To ease learning and understanding, classes can be conducted in your child’s native language.
  • Flexible Options: Choose the perfect fit for your child’s needs with 3, 5, or 6 days a week class options, starting from only $29/month.
  • Special Offer for Third-World Countries: We understand financial limitations. If you reside in a third-world country, pay a flat $30 for 5 days of classes per week.
  • Free Trial & Money-Back Guarantee: Try our classes risk-free with a 3-day trial and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

This Ramadan, gift your child the priceless gift of Quranic knowledge and a deeper connection with Islam. Enroll them in our online classes today and avail the special 35% discount!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the qualifications of your Quran tutors? All our tutors are highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about teaching the Quran with proper Tajweed.
  • What materials are provided? We provide all necessary learning materials, including digital Quran resources and interactive tools, for a seamless learning experience.
  • Can I schedule my child’s classes at my convenience? Yes, we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your family’s needs.
  • How do I get the family discount? Contact us through our website or email us for more information on family discounts.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our online Quran community!

Don't wait! This special offer ends soon. Seize this opportunity to empower your child with the gift of the Quran this Ramadan.