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Online Quran Classes experiences for new Online Quran Institutes


Learn Quran Kids has been providing online Quran classes for nearly 5 years. During this time we have taught hundreds of students spanning thousands of online Quran class sessions. Over the past years we have learnt new experiences ranging from discipline, parent/child psychology and the overall process of conducting online Quran class. Online Quran class provides different paradigm hence posing new challenges for both parents, students and the teachers. Here we identify some of the lessons we have learnt over these years. This will help us new students and also new institutes wanting to run online Quran classes.

Quick to start online Quran classes

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Quick to start online Quran classes

Online Quran classes are relatively quick to start. All you need is to host a website, get a form for students to enroll and then schedule a trial. In non-Muslim countries Quran teachers are quite scarce or live far from your place hence finding a good teacher online is the best option. The chances of you finding a student is also good as there is a large Muslim community living in non-Muslim countries. Having said keep a quality check other wise students will leave soon. Offering a trial class is the key as without trial no one would ever want to pay upfront and then ask for a refund.

Refreshing your website content

Refresh your website content with blogs

As majority of the online Quran class students will come from search engines ensure you have fresh content available on your website. This can be in the form of new webpages or blogs. You must have one blog per month covering any of the topic you might consider. With hundreds of online Quran institutes already available and new coming up every now and then it will be challenging at start to get students. With continuous focus and fresh content your website must be in top 10 in couple of years time. Don’t copy paste material from other website as this will be no good and will waste your effort. Patience is the key.

Be patient in getting use to the concept

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Be patient

This one factor makes online Quran classes bit complex to adjust. Yes camera can be turned on but still physical presence of a teacher give kids a better learning experiences i.e. they know whether the teacher is happy or not impressed. Also the camera might not be conveying the true emotions and with technology in the middle makes things not so easy. Having said it takes some time to settle for students to understand the dynamics and then they adjust. As an institute you must explain these challenges upfront to the parents either directly or on your website.

Engage Parents

engage - feedback
Engage parents

With online Quran class, parent leave the whole education to the teacher and feel as if there is no duty at their end. As an online Quran institute you must engage with the parents and give them good/bad feed backs. If not then the parents become surprised when they find that their kids are weak and hence way behind their expectations. You can give feedback after a month or so by having a quick chat with the parents while explaining the kids weak and strong points and what help is required from parents.

Have both native and non-native Arab teachers

Masjid e Nabvi
Have native and non native teachers

Your institute must have both native and non native Arabic teachers. For kids with the South Asian descent, non native Arabic speakers are fine. For kids whose parents are coming from Arabic descent native Arabic speakers are better. So to avoid dropping such students, you must have native Arabic speaking teachers. Note that Native Arabic speaking teachers come at a cost and you must bear this in mind. You might set different charges for Native speakers.

Hiring the right set of teachers

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Have right set of teachers

Good teachers are the key. Find the best by interviewing them, checking their tajweed and also their English communication as majority of the students only speak or understand English. If your teacher’s English is weak then train them properly. Also how to teach is another aspect. Have a course material prepared so that the teacher knows what to convey during the online Quran class. This allows a standard course and hence in case of teachers unavailability some other teacher can teach in the absence.

Encourage Students

Encourage students

Teaching online tend to become monotonous. To reduce this keep the kid engaged by providing verbal hints, encouraging them as they progress. Only listening to what the student is saying without giving them guidance will make them bored and the student will very soon loose focus.

Flexible Class timings in Online Quran classes

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Flexible class timings

Students will enroll from all over the world hence having sufficient teachers in hand who can cover variable time zones. Ensure you provide 24 hour service other wise you will lose potential students.

Keep cost manageable

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Keep low cost

Parent don’t need to drive their kids to the near by community center hence saves time and money both. Online Quran classes resolves this with quite a less cost to parents. Having said, you can’t charge huge comparing to what parents normally pay otherwise. You can always adjust your fee with some market research. You can’t be too low and too high at the same time.

Setting the right fees

best price tag
Give best price

Setting the right balance between fee and the services could be difficult at start. All you need is google the top 10 institutes and compare their pricing. You can’t be too high and on the other hand can’t be to low that you can’t pay your teachers.

Give discounts in online Quran classes

20% discount
Give discounts

Don’t be rigid on a fixed price. You will come across students from all over the world having different payment capacities. Provide different price slabs for developing/developed and under-developed countries. Don’t ever reject students if they can’t pay the fee. Give free education as well. This will become your Sadqa-e-Jariyah. If parents want more discount give them till they are satisfied. Note that you are not only running a business but a service to the humanity. Also give special discounts on different occasions like Ramadan etc.

Offer Money Back Guarantee

Give Money back guarantee

Giving a money back guarantee gives parents the added satisfaction. This helps them give your online Quran class institute a try. If you have good teachers the parents will seldom ask a refund.

Setup a good course content

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Setup good course material

Your teaching course should tajweed but also a combination of memorizing hadith, surahs, duas. This makes learning more fun and rewarding. You can apply an 80-20 rule giving more focus on tajweed and Quran and less on other teaching material. Course content details should be available online for parents to review.

Setting up a good teacher’s environment for Online Quran classes

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Setup good teaching environment

Ensure teachers environment is noise free with no distractions. If teacher is teaching from his/her home then ensure this aspect. Parents will promptly complain if their kid is not getting a class room type environment. With background noise coming from teacher end, your student will leave in no-time.

Quality Service in online Quran classes

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Give quality service

With any service offering, ensuring quality is key. Quality must be established across many factors in online Quran setup including:

  • Prompt responses via email/Skype etc.
  • Teachers and their working environment
  • Website content
  • Course content
  • Best pricing


To sum up running a successful online Quran class institute requires at minimum:

  • Good quality teachers
  • Good visibility of website
  • Proper pricing
  • Good course content

With this in hand you can manage an online Quran institute for years to come.