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Quran Kareem’s Greatness and Virtues

Qurans Kareem’s greatness and virtues is huge and one can’t sum up all the benefits in just one blog. Here we provide some of the points to stress and help you understand its virtues.

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said that if there is some one who has not memorised some portion of Quran is just like a destroyed/scary home (As in Tirmidi and Darmi)

Scary home like one who has no Quran in heart.

Benefit of Reading Quran

We all know that a home where no one lives have darkness. It is a home for insects, bats and shayateen. It is disgusting and smells. No body wants to live such a home haunted place. Such is heart of a person who has no Quran in his/her heart. There is no wisdom and light which can drive him/her towards the right direction. That person is a slave of the wishful thoughts and his own created ideas. Such a person will not live a happy life in this world and definetly not in the here after. May Allah save us from that situation – Ameen..

This hadith has emphasized that there must be no muslim which is devoid from any Quran in his heart/mind and one must memorise atleast some portion/part of Quran.. If we can memorise so many poems, quotes, sayings then why not Quran. All of the worldy talk will stay in this world and all which goes with us to the grave and hear after is the Quran.

As stated in Surah Asar every one in this world is at loss other than those who have Imaan (faith) and along with this do good deeds and along with this preach rightness and along with this remain patient if some bad comes to them due to this preaching.

In another hadith it is said that who so ever hears a single ayat of the Quran, such a goodness is written for him/her that it keeps on growing (there is no end of when it will stop). We hope that Allah (سبحانه وتعالى) there is no end to it. In another hadith it is said that who so ever reads an ayat, that ayat wil become a light/noor at the day of judgement (Musnad Ahmad)

Light in dark

Quran – source of happiness

Allah O Akbar, how good is Quran Majeed that even if listening to Quran will be written as good deed.. Alhamdolillah (الحمدلله). Also on the day of judgement when there is all darkness around you.. where people will be scared and every one is seeking refuge.. no body knows where to go.. this Quran will become the source of happiness. May Allah this Quran become our source of light on the day of judgement Ameeen.

On recitation Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said that on the day of judgement a person is said to read Quran in the way he/she reads Quran in this world with the same good quality and then in reward, the place in jannah where that person will stay will keep on increasing with each ayat and the place in the jannah is the point where he/she reads the last ayat.

Levels reaching to a better place

Virtues of Memorising Quran

This hadith is so beneficial for us, Alhamdolillah (الحمدلله)..this means that if some one memorises more of Quran then his place in the jannah will be much better than the one who has memorised less of the Quran.

Hazrat Usman (رضي الله تعالى عنه) said that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said that among you is the best who learns the knowledge of Quran and then passes on to others (Sahih Bukhari)

Number one is who teaches Quran.

Another benefit of reading Quran

In this world we believe that the best is the one who has more worldly knowledge. Some one who has more wealth or fame. Some one who is master of many languages, books, topics whether it is political, scientific or technical. Nevertheless ALLAH is telling us that the best among us are those who learn Quran, they know what it says and then also train others to read Quran or help them to understand it.. May Allah make us such Ameen.

Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri ( رضي الله تعالى عنه ) said that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)said that Allah said that for a person who is made busy by Quran from my Zikr and to make a dua from me, I (ALLAH) will give that person more than what I give to those who say dua. Quran’s greatness and virtue as compared to other sayings/words is just like Allah’s greatness than all of the created beings. (Tirmidi)

In another hadith in Baheeqi it is said to read Quran in the day and night in a way which is due and spread it and read it with interest and enjoy it and contemplate on it and hope that you will succeed and don’t try to get it’s reward in this world rather from Allah a great reward is going to be give at the correct time.

Virtues of reading Quran

This means that rather than repeating stuff which doesn’t benefit e.g. songs etc. one should recite Quran day and night while standing or lying and with interest and love and try to understand what it means. One should read tafseer or attend sessions from Ulema’s who can guide on what Quran says. This will all help us to succeed in this world as Quran guides us how to behave in this world to succeed.

If we follow worldly ways then we will be lost in worldly desires. The big reward in the form of jannah is waiting for us so we must not be hasty to get the reward of reading and following Quran in this world rather in the hear after.

Hazrat Ayesha (رضي الله تعالى عنها) said that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said that who soever has a command on Quran (and due to that reads fluently) will be come among honorable and obedient angels and who reads as if he stumbles while reading will get two rewards, one for the recitation and another for the effort.

Read Quran and be in Jannah

This means that for any one specially kids who feel bad that some one elder than him/her who can read Quran fluently while they can’t must not feel sorry. Allah (سبحانه وتعالى) is so kind that he also take into account the effort one puts in reading as well so he/she gets two rewards. Allah Values Effort. subhanallah (سبحان لله)!


  • No Quran in one’s heart is like a deserted house
  • Quran will be a source of noor/light on the judgement day
  • We should read Quran during the day multiple times
  • If you read Quran fluently then you will be among angels and hence in the heaven – Inshallah
  • Memorising Quran helps in getting better place in Jannah
  • If one only reads Quran, Allah will give him more than others
  • Quran over other words is like the greatness of Allah than his creations
  • We will get the best reward of reading/understanding/spreading Quran on the judgement day
  • The best among us are those who learn Quran and spread it as well
  • If you read Quran with difficulty you get two rewards, one for reading and the other for the effort.

May Allah help us to read/understand/spread Quran in the best possible ways as guided by our beloved Prophet.