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Story behind the launch of Online Tajweed Checking Service

Once upon a time there was a man, lets call him ‘M Noor’. He was a nice, honest and friendly muslim. He offer his prayers, pay zakat, perform fasting and was a kind to the poor. He had a small family and was living happily with his kids, wife and parents. He had a fairly good job and was content with his life. He had his old parents and hence cared for them.

He was kind towards his fellow Muslim and helped the needy in the hour of need. He lived in a busy city and had many friends. Every thing was going fine but there was one issue..he was not aware of the fact that he is not giving justice towards the message of ALLAH, the Quran. He occasionally read Quran once in a year. Some times he went for darse Quran and if time allowed listened to Quran as well. Through out this time he had thought that he knows how to read Quran.

Back in time

Noor also had attended Quran classes when he was a child starting from Noorani Qaida with his aunt next door. He then also studied Quran from different Qaris coming to his home. All of this education happened when he was less than 15 years old. Once he finished Quran, the Qari was told not to come any more as it was no more required.

The great realization

Years passed. After 20+ years, Noor still thought that he still knew how to read Quran. He was confident that at least he knew how to read Surah Al-Fateha. He was very confident but he was also wrong.

Days passed by. One day while he was reading Quran in Masjid e Nabvi, his friend came and told to come and recite Quran in front of a Hafiz who was teaching Quran their. With confidence and a bit if shyness he went. Noor was greeted by a young Hafiz who was also an electrical engineer. He then asked to get Quran from one of the shelves. Noor got one from the near by shelves. The teacher told him to recite the first Surah of Quran which is Surah Al-Fateha. Noor started reading with the best tone and correct Makhraj he knew. Once he was done, the teacher told him to recite again. Noor repeated. Once Noor read, he thought that now he will get a pat at his back from the teacher but instead the teacher raised a point that one of the letters on the sixth verse of the Surah was not correctly spoken. The teacher explained the mistake and Noor was a bit shocked to find out. He quickly fixed the issue and the next day read the surah without any problems. After the first session, Noor realized that its time to take Quran classes soon as he was about to leave Medina in few days time so at least get can get few of the Surah’s corrected.

More Tajweed issues

In the next few days, Noor read in front of the teacher, Surah-Nas, Al-Falaq, Ikhlas and many others from the 30th Juz. In each Surah he was told one of two small mistakes. This was again embarrassing for Noor but he was internally happy as finally he got to know how to read Quran 100% correctly. When Noor returned from Medina, he got hold of the Noorani Qaida and arranged a group study back at his office with few of his friends, who knew Tajweed rules better. This was the first time he found the exact details of the Makhraj; from where an arabic letter’s sound originates. He then got hold of a nice Tajweed book and read it. He and some of his colleagues then found many new information regarding tajweed which he never knew in the first place. Once he knew some of the rules, he thought how can I get my recitation checked.

Searching for online tajweed checking service

Noor, as he was very busy in job, family etc. couldn’t spare time to go to a Qari or get one to come. He started checking online whether he can send his recitations of different Surahs and from there he could get a short report on where he stands but he couldn’t find one. He found number of Quran schools offering quality online Quran classes but none were offering a free service to receive recitation, do an analysis of the tajweed and return the details in the form of a report.

Belling the cat

Finally Noor thought that he should get in touch with some one who can help him in launching such an online service. He knew that if he is not finding time then many millions of muslims must also be finding it very hard. Most of them might not even know that their recitation is very poor.

The next few months Noor and one of his Qari friend pondered on what could be done to achieve this. After many discussions, meetings and brainstorming, it was concluded to have an online Quran recitation checking service which focuses on Tajweed and it would be totally free. Any one of any age could come and record their recitation directly from a website and send it. The Qari friend of Noor would review it in details, identify errors/problems in it and then make a quick report. He would also assign a rating for a high level guidance. He would also mark the word where the problem is with nice easy to understand colors. So after few months of hard work, here they are with the first online tajweed checking service… Noor was then the first to send the first online Qirat to his friend. Finally after few improvements on Friday 5th December they launched their online tajweed checking service.

Just after the launch, Noor then got his old mother to come and recite Surah Al-Fateha and send her recitation for analysis and in the next 2 hours she knew that she had many problems in his recitation. At least now she knew where she stands and could take some actions to fix it.

Is your Arabic as fluent as English

We all here can relate to Noor. We all have studied English for many many years. We know that if we speak bad English people will make fun of us and will not treat us in a nice way. We are more worried about our English accent than our Arabic accent which can totally change the meanings of the Quran if read incorrectly.

For the sake of Allah

Have we ever thought how would ALLAH, the one who listens to every thing what happens any where, must have felt when he hears the badly pronounced words of Quran coming from our mouth and yet we do nothing! Now is the time to change your self. With the advent of this free online tajweed checking service, we can’t have more excuses.

May Allah raise our imaan and that we read Quran on daily basis with the correct voice. Ameen.

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