Do you face this dilemma?

– Read Quran from a teacher many years ago but not sure whether your Quran recitation is correct or not

– You are a busy professional, house wife, student but don’t have time to go to a Qari / Madrassah

– You want some free online Quran recitation checking service but couldn’t find one


Introducing the World’s first free Online Quran Recitation & Tajweed Checking Service


Learn-Quran-Kids is now providing the world’s first and totally free online tajweed checking service. The aim is to get our fellow Muslims to correctly recite few basics Surahs so that at least they can offer their prayers correctly.

Online Tajweed Check – How it works 

Step 1 – Record & Send your Recitation – no extra software required
Step 2 – Get your personal free Personalized Tajweed Analysis Report via Email

Analysis Report Preparation

– Your sent recitation is carefully and manually reviewed
– An overall rating is assigned based on the recitation analysis
– Any mistake in tajweed or Qirat is identified and marked and sent via email

Salient Features

– Send one entry at a time
– Get Pin point, to the word level analysis
– Recitation is recorded directly from the website
– Send your free submission any time, from any where

A Sample Tajweed Analysis Report

Content of the Tajweed Analysis Report

– In case of a shortcoming, a color is used to represent the issue

– Red, Orange, Yellow colors denotes a problem, Green color denotes no problem

Red mean major problem, Orange means medium and Yellow, minor problem

– You can click on each word of the surah to know how to read that word

– Based on the type and number of problems/errors and the quality of the recitation, a rating is assigned

– If you need more help, contact us or request your free 3 days tajweed training