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Can online Quran lessons really save you money?

We all want to save money whether we are young or old. Saving money is a lesson taught by our parents from the very early age. Remember how you saved your pocket money to buy that new bicycle. When it comes to learning Quran, one of the big concern apart from finding the right teacher is whether it is cheap or costly. In this blog we will analyze whether online Quran classes really save you money or not.

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Significance of learning Quran

The Messenger of Allah (blessings of Allah be upon him) has said:

“The best of those amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and then teaches it to others.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Reading Quran and then teaching it to others is a great blessing for both the learned and the learner, equally. Designation of the teacher of Quran is undoubtedly many folds higher than the rest. Our prophet laid great stress on learning and revealing the secrets of life and this mortal world by learning and understanding Quran. Hence we can avoid having to learn Quran.

How an online Quran lesson saves you money

In terms of money, online Quran lessons are way more reasonable and convenient in this regard. Not only have you got assistance of expert professional Qari / Quran tutor at a reasonable fee but also the facility and ease of having them at your service is quite beneficial.

In the hustle bustle of our lives, technology has eased the way of learning Quran online. You can now easily take an online Quran learning class to be in touch with the spiritual side of your beliefs and faith.

Learn Quran kids is among the trusted online Quran schools that facilitates the learning of Quran in an easy and simple way.

– Saves your time of traveling to the masjid;

– Saves fuel or fare charges;

– More cost effective as charges are lower than a Qari coming to your home

How much a home coming Qari cost you

A Qari coming to you home might save your time and fuel but they will charge huge. Depending on the standard hourly wages in your country, a Qari might take from 8-10$ per session. This mean around 176$ to $220 per month or even more (@ six lessons/week).

With Learn Quran Kids you can save the extra $90 to $140 per month. This means saving around $1000 to $1600 per year!

With Learn Quran Kids, you can also get discounts if more than one member of your family is studying plus extra savings if you pay in advance. With online Quran class with us you can have your lessons even by connecting with your smart phones, computers or laptop at any time hence you can sit any where in your house.

Issues in finding a Qari / Quran Tutor

On the contrary of online Quran lessons, if you want to hire a Qari / Quran tutor to come at your home, firstly you must go through the fatigue of finding an authentic Qari that has the relevant expertise in the subject matter. This can be tiring as you might be living at a place where Qari has to travel a lot hence he in return will charge more. In case Qari is nearby then he might be already engaged in teaching other students making it difficult to find the right Qari.

Finally what if you need a female Qariyah. It’s close to impossible to get a Qariyah to come to your place and teach your girls. Ok younger kids can taught by a male Qari but what if you want your elder girls, wife or mother to correct their Quran reading. The only quick, cheap and easy solution is to do this via the online Quran lessons.

Testing the Qari / Quran Tutor and choosing the right service

Also online Quran classes allows you test a Qari / Quran tutor quickly. If you are not satisfied with one Qari you can quickly switch to the other one offered by any other online service. See our blog, How to find the best Online Quran Institute for Kids to know how to choose the right online Quran institute.

In the era of busy routines and workload, when people have limited and costly opportunity to have personal Quran teachers to come over their places and teach them or their kids, Learn Quran Kids is a yet another wonderful and convenient exception. With this you can have online authentic and trustworthy Qari that teaches you Quran with Tajweed at a reasonable price. Click here to know our pricing model.

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