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10 Tips To Get Your Kids Engaged In Quran Classes Online

There may be a situation where your kids deny learning the Holy Quran online. It is your duty not to give them the space for making excuses and introduce them to the ease and benefits of learning through online classes. For this, make multiple strategies for each kid to engage them. Here are some tips to engage your kids in the learning of HOLY book via online classes:

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How to Get Your Kids Engaged In Quran Classes Online

1. Be an IDEAL for Your Kids

Allah has instructed the guardians of every household to nurture their kids in accordance with the teachings of Islam and the Holy Quran. Parents bear significant responsibility for what they educate their kids and how they grow up as adults. If parents are obedient and spend life according to the teachings of Islam, kids will automatically follow them. If parents get engaged in the QURAN eventually their children will pay attention to it and follow. Therefore, you should interact with your kids and regularly ask them the questions from daily online Quran lessons. Remember it’s not only about the learning but a motivation to follow what they learn.

2. Goal Setting

Let your kids decide the schedule for Quran classes online according to their ease and availability. Tell your kids to set a Goal with sub-goals such as:

  • What I have to achieve today. How it has to be done
  • How much time it will take a certain lesson to be completed
  • What are the advantages if I get it finished
  • What questions will be asked from us regarding the completed lessons in next online classes
  • How much Islam I have leaned so far e.g. Islamic teachings like method to pray and dua for every single action

Parents should inform their children

  • Why we have been sent to this world
  • Which kind of deeds our creator expects from us and if we don’t do
  • What kind of punishments we will face on the Day of Judgment.”

As a guardian, set for your kids the ultimate goal of life, is to be obedient to ALLAH, and tell them there are many rewards if we obey the divine ruling. Not even a single compulsion could stop us from learning the education of the Quran.“

3. Provide Latest Technology​

There are many hurdles that can be faced by kids like slow internet connection, low quality gadgets etc. They might feel uncomfortable with less viable remote services. In this case, parents must assure them a comfortable medium and let them know that you are there for them. Maintain systems like laptops & tablets through which they can easily connect to their tutor without any distraction and internet problems. You must respond to them quickly as they feel a need for any guidance to engage them in Quran classes online. Otherwise it will divert the attention of kids during the online class and they won’t take it seriously. 

Parents should have enough understanding with their child’s of how much they are aware of the use of technology and the usefulness of it. You should teach them:

  • How to use different devices and their features
  • How to login their account, their google classroom
  • How to record the whole lecture so that they can revise their lecture whenever they are in need.

4. Envisioning Greater Reward

Tell your kids that the greatest position in Jannah is the ultimate recompense for the hafiz/hafizah or individual who memorizes the whole Quran. Even if memorizing the entire Quran is not the aim, the effort is worthwhile. According to the Prophet as narrated by the Prophet’s wife, Aisha, said:

One who is skilled in the Qur’an is associated with the noble, upright recording angels, and he who falters when he recites the Qur’an and finds it difficult for him will have a double reward. (Sunan Abi Dawud 1454)

Besides heavenly rewards, giving some worldly incentives is also an excellent strategy for effective Quran learning. Rewards are a good method of encouragement if they are offered spontaneously and not in fulfillment of a prior promise that the kid would be given a certain material if he reached a certain goal. If promises are made to the youngster ahead of time, they may have a detrimental influence on him. The youngster begins to expect a reward for every nice deed he performs. This will become a sort of gratification , and the youngster will not strive to do better if the rewards stop arriving. Parents should develop in their kids the habit of doing good  things to please Allah and benefit humanity, not for the sake of monetary gain. If the kid is used to receiving things for every minor milestone, he may become narrow-minded and selfish. He may not consider it his responsibility to help others unless he receives something in exchange for his efforts.

5. Appreciate your kids

Children demand caring and supportive parents who encourage them in availing every opportunity. So give your kid the confidence to learn through an online medium. Frequently ask your kids if they are feeling comfortable in Quran classes or not. Making some changes in the current settings such as upgrading the system etc. is very important. As it looks like a gesture of appreciation. Tell your kids

“You can achieve the desired results from the struggle, and be motivated in a positive direction.”

Don’t try to discourage your children if they don’t pronounce Arabic words accurately. Instead, teach them responsibly and carefully.

While appreciating a kid, never compare him with other children. For example, a father should not say to his kid,

“You are a decent and honest lad, unlike Burhan, who is a liar.”

This attitude may cause the kid to have a negative view of the other boy. When comparing the children, the parent is raising the good child incorrectly. The child’s praises and compliments must be kept within set limits. Excessive use of these may make the kid arrogant and egotistical.

6. Use Real-Life Examples

Developing a real-world connection to what your kids are learning is an excellent way to make online Quran classes more engaging. After all, it will give them a better motivation of why they should learn. Parents can give them the real life example of one who learn and memorize the Quran in very early age such as:

  • Al-Hafiz Mohammad Abdulmohaimen Campong, a 5-year-old boy from Maguindanao, has memorized by heart the Holy Quran from cover to cover.

Al-Hafiz Mohammad Abdulmohaimen Campong


  • Yusuf Aslam, a 7-year-old boy from England, has memorized the whole Quran, following the footsteps of his elder sister Maariya, who also memorized the Quran two years before at the same age.

Yusuf Aslam

  • Hussein Mohammad Tahir, a 5-year-old blind Burmese child in Jeddah has memorized the Quran cover to cover, by listening to the radio. He was visually impaired from birth, made the achievement three years after his father bought him a radio, as he was not able to watch TV. 

Hussein Mohammad Tahir

Motivate your kids and tell them you can learn and memorize the Quran quicker than these Huffaz.

Arrange Quran Competitions Between Kids

Parents should develop a strategy that makes the kids more expert in their lesson by conducting a competition. As mentioned above, a novice memorized the Quran following his sister, as a competition. Similarly, make a competition between them. Offer them a surprise gift if they win the competition. Through these competitions parents can polish the moral and mental abilities of their kids. However, the main purpose is to teach your child the education of the holy Quran in a disciplined way not to put them in a complex winning situation.

Most of the kids want to do those things which their friends are doing. So it is also a plus point for parents if their kids have friends. Invite their friends at home and arrange some kind of competition among them. This encourages their kids to be the learner and the winner among them.

Add Quizzes

For reviewing the learning skills of your kids, you should take a test or quiz to evaluate the performance as well as  the understanding level of your kids. By taking a test on a weekly basis you can make them motivated to learn at a quicker pace. Also you can offer any surprise gift for the passing student after the assessment of results. 

Also, on the google classroom, examine the uploaded assignments and quizzes of the whole week. Check the outlines of online Quran class and notice whether your kid is prepared before the deadline of the test and assignments.

 Put your kid in the Driving Seat

Some kids feel they are being controlled and this often lets them withdraw from the online Quran learning. Parents should allow the kids to make some decisions so they can go through a personalized learning process and experience. Whether in a home or in a class parents must give the child confidence to put some input into the learning process. It can be done by allowing the kids to write the verses and hadith in a calligraphy style. It is a fun activity for kids to get engaged as well as an art that entails generating symbols and ensuring that they are properly organized. It improves student’s creative and motor abilities since everything has to be placed into writing and artwork using a set of approaches and skills. This writing technique also promotes neural activity in the brain, allowing kids to build a bigger vocabulary and compose more thorough compositions.

Teach Organizational Skills

Organized kids can stay focused instead of spending time hunting things down and getting sidetracked. What does it mean to be organized in Quran classes? It means having memorized your daily Quran lessons and complete assignments, if any, given by online Quran tutor such as Dua and Kalimat to remember.

Check your kid’s assignment book and homework every night so you’re familiar with assignments. Teach your kids how to use a calendar or personal planner to help stay organized. It’s also helpful to teach them how to make a to-do list to help prioritize and get things done. It is as simple as:

  • Quran Learning
  • Homework/School Studies
  • Playing
  • Organize clothes

No one is born with exceptional organizational skills, they need to be learned and practiced.


Learning the holy Quran is not just a rewardful activity but it also nurtures the love of Allah Almighty in the heart of your kids. There are many examples in Prophetic Ahadith emphasizing the significance of learning and reciting the Holy Quran. As parents, you can keep your kids motivated during online learning by teaching them about these important commands and their rewards, if obeyed. The best thing parents can do is interact with them, give them time, show them you care for them and provide them with a learning-friendly environment and freedom to make decisions. Furthermore, be a role model for your kid by reading the Holy Quran regularly with them.

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