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Avoiding the Top 5 issues during Live Quran Classes for Kids

OK we have explained in our previous blogs the benefits of online Quran classes for the kids and girls. Indeed there are many sound benefits from cost savings, getting better teachers, more secure and ease in selecting the time of your choice. Still there are certain challenges which the parents can face which needs to be taken care of to ensure a smooth experience. Question is what’s the most important point to take care of during the class. Lets Analyze…

The top most distraction is lack of Focus! 

The most important aspect to ensure your Kids learn Quran is to get them to stay focused. Having a strong focus is important in learning any subject. While learning remotely over the internet, ensuring focus is more important. This is because as the teacher might not be directly looking at the kid. Here are few reason why your kids will not be giving focus during the online Quran class.

A poor internet connectionwireless-internet-wifi-elements-glossy-icon_f10x538d

A poor internet connection means you could get frequent internet disconnections. This means the online session will broke quite often. Also if not broken then the teacher or the child will not understand what the other side is saying due to internet packet loss. This is one of the worst of the reasons why the kid would loose focus during the online Quran Class. The kid will as a result will not be happy with an online class as this will frustrate them.

Solution: Get a good broadband internet connection for a smooth interruption free online Quran class.

Kids playing with toys or with each othervintage toy

Kids love to play and they would like to take their favorite toy with them during the class. This means that they would be either playing with it or looking at it during the class. Similarly if more than one kids of yours are scheduled to have a class, they could be sitting next to each other and hence be teasing or playing with each other.

Solution: Ensure that the kids are not taking along their toys and also not sitting next to each other so that they focus on what the teacher is saying.

Kids running from one room to anotherPlay Time Written In Kids Letters

Kids love to run here and there. Mothers do get a tough time getting the kids to sit at one place. The problem can arrive while they are sitting in front of the computer and having their class. They might pop out every now and then and then come back and start studying. As a mother or a father you must ensure that your kid remains seated during the online Quran class.

Solution: Better have the online Quran class in the living room so that you can keep watching your kid.

Kids eating stuff during the online classfast-food-cheeseburger-and-fries_G1ueFULO

Kids munch or eat at any time of the day. They might bring their favorite snacks during the class and start eating them. This gets the kids focus away from the class to what they are eating as they will be continuously take off their eyes from the computer. Also the continuous munching sound will be a continuous source of disturbance for the teacher. Most importantly your kid will not be pronouncing the Arabic alphabet correctly. This is because the food will be coming into the way of the sound in the mouth. As a result the teacher will be continuously repeating the same word to get your kid to pronounce.

Solution: Get your Kid to eat their favorite snack prior the online Quran class time.

Stop TV!

Kids watching TV while also having the class

Some kids have a habit that they do their home work while watching TV. Therefore parents do let them take the online Quran class as well while they are watching TV. This is devastating as your kid will not be listening what the teacher is saying. The Kid will get frustrated as he or she will not be enjoying their program. Eventually they would like to drop the class at all. This will also frustrate the teacher as he/she would be listening to the background noise as well.

Solution: Schedule the online Quran class with the teacher at a time when your Kids have no other activity.

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Ensure a stable internet connection and minimize distractions like toys or interactions with siblings during the class. Encourage your child to stay seated and attentive throughout the session.

Common distractions include poor internet connections leading to frequent disruptions, children playing with toys or each other, and kids running around or eating during the class. These distractions can hinder the learning process and frustrate both the child and the teacher.

Parents can create a conducive learning environment by setting up the class in a quiet area, away from toys and other distractions. Encouraging children to eat snacks before the class and scheduling sessions during times when there are no competing activities, like watching TV, can also help maintain focus.