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How much time does it take to finish reading the whole of Quran for Kids?

Reading Quran for kids in an online setup is easy to start but requires some thoughtful analysis. In online setup, parents have a hard time to assess how much time will it take to complete the course. There are many factors which contribute and in this blog we will see.

First we need to know which course the student is enrolled. Lets focus on the Online Quran Class with Tajweed for now. If we break down this course this consist of three course work items:

  • Qaida
  • Quran
  • Supplementary Education

Time it takes to completely read Qaida for Kids

Noorani Qaida

The course start from understanding the basics which comes from the Qaida. Here are some quick facts about the Noorani Qaida which we normally teach our kids. Some of the facts mentioned here can be generalized for any other Quranic Qaida as well.

  • Noorani Qaida has 16 lessons
  • It has 31 pages
  • It takes 2-3 days to 1 week for a kid to complete one page of the Qaida depending upon how smart the kid is. Note that a below average kid will take more time.

Every day the Quran tutor goes through a small portion of the Qaida till the kid master’s it. Note that at start the kid might take more than a week per page. Later the kid speeds up and covers more ground in less time.

With this in mind, logically speaking it should take 8 weeks to 32 weeks to complete the Qaida. This equates to 2 months to 8 months of duration. Well the above is more mathematical than what happens in reality. During the class the student is also taught the supplementary topics. These topics are Duas, hadith, prayer, kalimas etc. Lets follow 80/20 rule. Hence 80% of the time is spent on Qaida we roughly add one more month in this.

So now we are talking about finishing Qaida between 3 to 9 months.

One important factor which defines the period of Qaida completion is the number of classes completed per week. If done 3 days per week then then the duration will be around 4-10 months. If the duration is 5-6 days per week then the duration will be 3-9 months. The variation is based on how quickly your kid reads a page per session. In short:

  • If your kid is able to read one page in 2-3 sessions of 30 mins then expect the Qaida to complete in 3 months if reading 5-6 days per week otherwise 5-6 months.
  • If your kid is able to read one page in 5-6 session of 30 mins then expect the Qaida to completed in 8-9 months if reading 5-6 days per week otherwise it could take a year to finish Qaida.


Time it takes to completely read Quran for Kids


Once the Qaida is learn then comes the reading of Quran for Kids. This takes the greatest amount of time. Lets break it down. There are 6666 ayats in Quran, 114 surahs and 30 juz. Lets say a kid reads 10-20 ayats per day depending upon how good your kid’s understanding of Qaida is. With this it will take from 1 year to 1.8 years. Again this is all mathematical. If we factor in the supplementary topics as mentioned above then again 20% time is added. This means that reading Quran for kids finish in around 1.3 years to 2.2 years. Now this is based on 7 days per week class.

Duration of reading whole of Quran for Kids

Time Ticking in hour glass

As a kid is not going to read 7 days per week Quran hence we calculate our assessment based on to 3, 5 and 6 days per week class.

For Hard working & Sharp Kids (reading 20 ayats/day)

  • 3 DAYS / WEEK CLASS: Takes around: 2-3 years (For Quran) + 5 months (For Qaida).
  • 5 DAYS / WEEK CLASS: Takes: 1.7-2.5 years (For Quran) + 3 months (For Qaida).
  • 6 DAYS / WEEK CLASS: Takes: 1.5-2.5 years (For Quran) + 3 months (For Qaida)

For Average & Below Average Kids (reading 10 ayats/day)

  • 3 DAYS / WEEK CLASS: Takes 4-5 years (For Quran) + 12 months (For Qaida)
  • 5 DAYS / WEEK CLASS: Takes 3.5-4 years (For Quran) + 9 months (For Qaida)
  • 6 DAYS / WEEK CLASS: Takes 3-3.5 years (For Quran) + 8 months (For Qaida)

Question is how can we improve this time and what factors can delay this. Here are some of the factors which can improve the time to finish reading Quran for kids.

Parents Attention

Parent’s attention to the kids education is quite important. With an online setup, it is not possible for the Quran tutors to control kids of young age very easily. Hence it is very important for the parents to sit with the students age 5-8. Kids above 8 years have more focus hence easy to manage. Parent only need to sit for a month or so at max.

Revision at home

Revising the topics is key to a solid foundation. It is important to revise the course contents as well. This ensures your kids completes reading Quran in the time mentioned before. Not revising mean the Quran tutor will be focusing on establishing older concepts.

Class Period

A very important challenge comes while teaching a 3 days per week class. In this the kid is out of synch 4 days per week. In practice some time is lost in revising what was taught. At a high level this equates to 25% of the time. This requires a lot of parent intervention to sit with their kids to revise the topic. We hence recommend at least 5 days per week online Quran class for kids.

Customizing the course

You can tell the Quran tutor to reduce the supplementary education. This extra time can then be on Quran reading. You can go for 100% focus on Qaida and Quran and only once few chapters (Juz) of Quran are read then switch focus to the supplementary education. Also parents can them selves focus their attention to the supplementary education. This hence allows the Quran tutor to focus on the rest.


In short, it takes some effort from both Quran tutors and the parents to set kids on track. This can’t be taken casually. It takes effort from both parents, tutors and kids. It is a team effort. The factors which contribute and their percentage are:

Factors Impact
Classes/Week 40%
Quran tutors effort 30%
Regular Revision 15%
Parents initial focus 10%
Course customization 5%


Parents can play a crucial role in accelerating their child’s Quranic learning by actively participating in their education, ensuring regular revision at home, and collaborating with Quran tutors to customize the course according to the child’s needs. Additionally, opting for more frequent classes, preferably 5 days per week, can enhance the learning trajectory.

Several factors influence the duration of Quranic learning for children, including the number of classes per week, the effort exerted by Quran tutors, consistent revision, parental involvement, and the customization of the course content. Each factor contributes differently, with classes per week and Quran tutor’s effort being the most impactful.