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Is opting for online Quran Class for females good?

Online Quran class for females and girls is a very good way of teaching Quran. In this article we will see this in detail and also in general.

One can’t be termed as a good muslim if they haven’t read or learnt Quran through out their life. Alhamdolillah we all have learnt Quran from some Quran teacher or Qari when we were young. That was the time when the teacher used to come to our homes, spend some time with us and teach via Noorani Qaida to start with. Time has changed and with the advent of internet so does our learning styles. With so many distant learning going on, the question is whether online quran classes for girls and female a good option? In this article we will explore this.

Young Muslim Girl With Laptop

Traveling hassles for females

– Most of the females don’t know how to drive a car hence reaching an institute becomes a problem

– If females have a car even then the masjid or the Quran institute may be too far away from home thus going their becomes difficult

– You might live in an area where buses don’t come after a certain period of time

– Your brother, son, husband or father is not available to accompany you at that time to take you to some place. There are no such requirements for an online Quran class for females as they can learn from the comfort of their homes

Security concerns specially for females

– You might be living at a place where the law and order situation is fragile hence teacher can’t come or you might not move freely outside

– Due to security reasons your parents might not allow you to go out at an odd time

Home tuition is expensive

– Getting a female quran teacher to come home to teach will be twice or thrice times expensive than studying online

– If you own a car and going to a near by masjid would still cost fuel. There is no traveling in case of online Quran class

Waste of time in finding a female Quran teacher

– Finding a good female Quran teacher might take you days and weeks as you might not have a good female Quran teacher available in your local community

– Female Quran teacher will not be easily available or if available can’t come to your home due to busy schedule of the teacher. The only possible option would be to go to the teacher’s place

Hijab constraints

– You might find lots of male teachers who can come to your home but that is probably fine for small girls but not permissible for older ones

– As a female quran teacher might not come due to any reason, going for you to go out also pose the same hijab related concerns.

Missing classes

– Your teacher coming to your home has a more chance missing a class due to:

– Tyre Puncture,

– Transport strike

– Sick enough that she can’t travel

– As a student you also have a good chance of missing a class due to similar reasons as mentioned above.

The above is just a glimpse of some of the hassles you might face while not using an online quran class. Now lets see how online Quran class for females resolves these issues for females and girls:

Benefits of an online Quran class for females and girls

– In an online Quran class, no body needs to come to your home nor you need an escort

– In an online class you study from the peaceful and secure environment of your home

– You will pay a low fee as it is not costing high for the teacher as well

– Online Quran class does save money. Check out this blog to find out more

– You might also get discounts

– You can easily find a good qariyah and have a free 3 days trial before paying for the fee

– You can also get one which offers a 30 days money back guarantee

– Hijab related issues are avoided as no Na-Mahram is seeing you

– Chance of online Quran classes being missed is highly reduced as all you need is a reliable computer and internet

– Even if you are a bit sick, you can still take online classes

Read our earlier blog to know more about how online Quran classes for kids work.

In short an online Quran class for females & girls is an efficient, trustworthy, cost effective and flexible option which gives quality education while saving time and money.

May Allah raise our imaan and that we read Quran on daily basis with the correct voice. Ameen.

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