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Top 5 tips to get the best from Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is a first thing that a muslim child ought to study before studying Quran. It guides a child towards correct pronunciation of Holy words and makes him fluent in reading and reciting Quran.

Here are a few tips that can help you make best out of Noorani Qaida:

Tip 1 – Understand Noorani Qaida’s importanceTraining concept

It is a universal rule that you cannot be benefited by something unless you realize its true worth and importance. If you opt to study it precariously and Training concept cannot wait to jump to the first chapter of Quran, you will not be benefited with it. On the contrary, if you think of it as the first bench mark that will make the road ahead easier for you, it actually will. Noorani Qaida indeed helps the kids develop greater command on reading and reciting Arabic language as it covers Tajweed basics.

Tip 2 – Give its course its due timeTime To Study Message Showis Education And Studying

Many a time, children or their parents just want to finish this basic course in no time so that they can proceed further. Remember if you haste in studying Noorani Qaida, you will never establish the desired command on Tajweed – which is the sole purpose of studying it. On the other hand, if you give this course its due time, its lessons are much likely to sink in. Consequently, you will not keep repeating the same mistakes throughout your life. Noorani Qaida gradually tames your accent and pronunciation which is not something you can acquire overnight.

Tip 3 – Find a reliable teacher say

Need and importance of good teacher is vital for making the best out of Noorani Qaida lessons. Always remember that you are at the disposal of your teacher for telling you the correct pronunciations of the words and accents mentioned in the Qaida. In other words, you are going to imitate your teacher for the rest of your life in reciting Quran. Do all you can to find the best possible teacher, either virtual or physical to teach you Noorani Qaida. It is advisable to get a teacher from some well reputed institute. Testimonials of institutions are guarantees in themselves and tell a lot about the personnel concerned.

Tip 4 – Practice Noorani Qaida’s lessons repeatedly


Noorani Qaida is not only about understanding something. It is more about remembering and acquiring something which comes with practice. Obviously, you cannot develop accent of a language in days which is not your first language. You need to revise and practice its lessons and be increasingly vigilant while reciting Quran till it start coming to you naturally.

 Tip 5 – Use basic accents in other languages to facilitate memorySound Wave

Basic accents of Arabic i.e. Fatha (Zabar), Kasra (Zer) and Zumma (Paish) are common to English etc. Kids studying Noorani Qaida often study English or some other language in parallel in their schools. If they are having difficulty in remembering and identifying accents, they can be familiarized with them in their first language. Kids are familiar with words in their own language and it makes it easier for them to remember the accents in English or Urdu as compared to Arabic.

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